Sustainability Politics

Sustainability Politics

Trotamundos S.A has as main purpose to facilitate sustainable touristic development, accomplishing the requirements of the Colombian Sectoral Technical Standard STN – TS 003 applicable, and all other legal requirements governing our actions in order to eliminate or mitigate effectively the environmental, social cultural and economic impacts of our activity, we develop, motivate and train our staff and inform our customers about our commitment to the environment.

Trotamundos and collaborators are committed to ensure compliance with law 1336 and 1257, which protects children, adolescents, and women from commercial sexual exploitation and expects the same commitment from the AGENT.

As a travel agency in Colombia we are committed to comply with the Colombian Sectorial Technical Standard STN – TS 003 sustainability requirements, and we must inform about the regulations and sound practices in the places we visit to the interior or exterior of our country.

We invite you to make sustainable tourism, take care of the environment and help to preserve the local culture, buy local handicrafts and take care of the flora and fauna of our country and the places you visit. We help our population and generate employment.


Law 17 of 1981 and law 1333 of 2009 The illegal trade of species of flora and fauna
Law 599 of 2000 and Decree 1608 of 1978. Against the traffic of species such as wild flora and fauna.
Law 1336 of 2009. Against exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of abuse of minors.
Law 397 of 1997. Against the traffic of Cultural Heritage.
Law 1335 of 2009. Anti-tobacco, for a Smoke-Free Place.
Law 1482 of 2011. Rejection of discrimination.
Law 1098 of 2006. Rejection of any kind of child labor exploitation.


Remember to make efficient use of water and energy resources in the places you visit (hotels, theme parks, destinations and touristic cultural and environmental areas).
Make a good disposition of the waste that is generated in the places that you visit, whether exploitable, non-usable or organic.
We invite you to buy handicrafts in local communities and to contribute to their socio-economic development.
Remember that our organization is committed to the prevention of child sexual exploitation, illegal commercialization of flora and fauna and cultural property. Any breach of this legislation, will be sanctioned by the Colombian state.
Avoid the collection of native plants and any attempt to capture animals from the areas you visit.

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